NNGA Brother Bill Perkins takes over as Golf Coach at Virginia State University

William “Bill” Perkins enters his first season as VSU golf coach with almost forty years of dedication to the game. Coach Perkins believes the best teachers and coaches are “lifelong learners” who seek to draw out the best of others. He has organized golf teams and developed amateur youth into college players. Despite golf being [...]

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NNGA NewsLetter Dec13/Jan14

In Memorandum of: NELSON WHITE, NY JERRY GILBERT, CLEVELAND Rest in Peace, Brothers First and foremost Happy New Year, to the NNGA Family, hers wishing you and yours god health throughout New Year. We apologize for the untimely lateness of this letter. http://nnga.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Dec13Jan14letter-News-Letter.pdf

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NNGA News Letter April/May 2013

NNGA Newsletter, April/May 2013 Volume Number 48 Issue Number 1 Date April/May 2013 In Memorandum of JOE ROBINSON, CHARLIE SPEARS, FRANK WASHINGTON, WILLIAM "BILL" DICKEY, REST IN PEACE OUR BROTHERS Greetings from Cleveland Chapter of NNGA to all of our Brothers The year 2012 was full of excitement for our chapter. Not only http://nnga.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/NNGA-NewsletterApril-May-2013.pdf

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NNGA 2012 News Letter

NNGA Newsletter, April 2012 Volume Number 47 Issue Number 1 Date April/May 2012 In Memorandum of BOBBY WILLIAMS, HENRY "SKINNY" MARTIN, REST IN PEACE OUR BROTHERS Dear Members: Surprise your Newsletter has gone digital, On the National Council Budget meeting held April 23, 2012 the paper version was sacrificial lamb in the cutting of exuberant [...]

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