January, 2016

Dear Friend,

Greetings from the NNGA: A Brotherhood of African American Golfers!

NNGA is a collective of men dedicated to the FUN associated with the finer things in life; the CAMARADERIE between our members; and the values of the game of GOLF. While the nature of our organization is primarily social, NNGA, through its members and chapters, has raised and distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthwhile programs advancing the game of golf and to aspiring golfers of color.

This year marks the beginning of “the next 50 years” of our existence. In 1965, our eleven (11) founders were refused access at the Hershey Inn and instead played the first tournament at a small course in Lebanon, PA. Since that time, we have grown to 250 members in seven (7) chapters, played PGA tour venues and lodged at five diamond resorts throughout the western hemisphere. However, the spirit of FUN, CAMARADERIE and GOLF has never wavered since that first night in Lebanon.

We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in participating in any of our events. NNGA is always looking for the “right kind of guy” to join us as we move into the “next 50 years.”

Yours in camaraderie,

George “BRAK” Braxton
NNGA, National President